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What Family Caregivers Face in the Years Beyond Severe Brain Injury

We invite you to listen to an interview conducted by Dr. Gordon Atherley with Dr. Rolf B. Gainer about the issues faced by family caregivers when caring for a loved one with severe brain injury.  If you or one of your clients is a family caregiver, regardless of the mental or physical illness, listening to this interview will provide you with valuable information as well as support and encouragement.

Rolf B. Gainer, Ph.D., Diplomate ABDA, serves on the Board of Directors of Community NeuroRehab of Iowa.  In the interview, Dr. Gainer describes his career, experience with family caregiving and his work with severe brain injuries. He highlights what begins when the person with the severe brain injury survives the first night after the injury: challenges to physical and mental health, wellbeing and social contact, changes in the challenges as the person ages, and how the changes challenge family caregivers. He explains how the challenges can be overcome. He says what he would like to do and see done to help persons living and aging with the challenges of severe brain injuries, and done to help their family caregivers. Dr. Gainer also shares his encouraging message for family caregivers.


Video – “Pieces of the Puzzle” an introduction to brain injury


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